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Louise and I take great pride in the amount of work we put in to ensure our guests have a great experience in northern Maine.  Let us do all the planning for your hunt.  We are constantly in the woods or riding remote log roads. We have many cameras on game trails and continue to monitor moose activity to ensure we have you in the right place at the right time. We have a licensed and inspected kitchen in the main lodge and Louise's cooking is outstanding and fresh every day.  Her deserts are to die for.  Our cabins are very comfortable and very clean.  All cabins are with 30 yards of the main lodge where everyone eats family style, all you can eat. Relax at #9 and let us do all the leg work. You will have a good time and eat well.


 Congratulations to all 2017 moose hunt lottery winners. This is a great opportunity and may be your hunt of a life time. Do your homework before selecting a guide to call in your bull. Ask for references not only on the guide but the facilities, lodging and meals. All of this is important for a memorable experience in the north Maine woods hunting moose. Check us out. If you go with another outfitter thank you for considering #9 and have a great hunt, be safe and good luck tagging your trophy.


We had a very good year. A lot of scouting and road trips and it all came together. We had 2 guided hunters for the first week and both tagged out. Chris and Mark tagged a 924 pound monster with a very nice rack. It measured 49 inches wide but this does not decribe the wicked nice paddels. This was an awesome hunt and Chris and Mark were fun to guide and really demonstrated good hunting skills. Doug and Sam tagged out with a nice 725 pound bull with a 40 inch spread. We had a great time with these guys and the difficulty in getting this critter into the pick up truck is quite the story. Give me a call and I will give you the gory details.


We were unable to guide in 2015 for personal issues.  We did have several moose hunters that stayed with us. 


Since we closed the lodge for the summer as we rode our motorcycle across the nation, we were not able to promote this year’s moose hunt. As such we only had one guided moose hunter. Ian was our 4th hunter from Hunt of a Lifetime. We called in a nice bull 15 minutes into the first day of our hunt. Ian made a super shot at 200 + yards. He was very happy with his 43 inch bull that weighed in at 785 pounds. We had a great time with Ian and his family and we wish him the very best.


Once again we were 100% in guiding our 3 moose hunters. Eric bagged his bull on Tuesday morning and Alan bagged his cow on Tuesday afternoon. Joe was our 3rd hunter from Hunt of a Lifetime. Joe was confined to a wheel chair and shot his rifle by sucking on a tube that activated the trigger. With extensive help and support from the Maine Wildlife and Inland Fisheries and Ashland, Maine neighbors. Joe bagged his bull on Thursday with 1 minute left in shooting time. We had a great hunt with Joe, his brother Dusty and Joe’s family. A special thanks to Tom Ward, Ashland warden service.


100%! We had 8 moose hunters who had opportunity
All of our guided moose hunters had the opportunity to take home the monster moose they were looking for. Our 2 biggest taken in 2012 was 54 inch spread weighing 883 pounds and 49 1/2 inch spread weighing 870.

Check out The American Hunter magazine, June 2012 issue. This is an NRA magazine. Max Prasac, hand gun expert, shot his moose with #9 and has some very honest comments about our guiding, lodging, meals and overall atmosphere.
William Clunie, writer for The Maine Sportsman, has stayed with us and has written favorable comments on our Facebook.


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