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We start scouting for deer in May but think deer all year. We spend a great deal of time reviewing the past season, scoping out new feeding areas and logging areas. We will share our basic information with you and give you an outline of the woods roads, where we have shot deer in the past, where we have been seeing deer and what our trail cameras are telling us. Of course our semi guided deer hunts are more intense with more hands on and personal, daily support and guidance. Deer hunting in northern Aroostook County is not easy. You have to be willing to do a lot of hiking with attention to every detail as you put miles on. BUT, the reward of tagging a big Maine buck is second to none!


We had another very successful deer season. 3 of our semi guided deer hunters saw deer, 2 had shots at nice bucks but we only tagged one. One of the misses was a monster and Roger is coming back this year with more patience and improved marksmen ship. Steve is coming back for the monster and passing up the smaller bucks. The third week we had the most hunters and tagged 3 nice buck. Two bucks were almost identical 8 points and exactly 192 pounds. They were taken about 6 miles from each other.


Another great year. We started off with 2+ feet of snow on the first day. Just getting to where we wanted to hunt was tough since the only roads plowed were the ones being actively logged. The second week it rained and then froze so you know what that noise was like. The third and fourth week were much better conditions and we ended up tagging 3 nice buck (including Louise’s 11 pointer) and had 2 hunters missed 3 different monsters. All the more reason to think and focus. We had a great group of hunters that shared their stories, tales and lies at our home style dinner. The food Louise’s prepares is just outstanding and the commaderie will provide you memories for life.


We had a great year. 14 hunters saw 69 deer including 16 recognized buck. We ended up tagging 4 nice buck, 2 of them over 200 pounds. Several shots were taken that did not find there mark. The second week was perfect with snow. We received 6+ inches in the mountains and it stayed for the entire week. Who knows what the weather will be in 2014 but snow definitely makes it easier to find the pockets of deer. The repeat hunters seem to have the most success. Trail cameras revealed several nice buck made it through the hunting season and will only get bigger for 2014.


We had a very good deer season this year in spite of very little snow. We tagged 4 buck and missed or passed up on 3 others. Louise started the season with her first buck (only second year hunting). She bagged a 10 point 173 pound buck the second week of the season. John tagged a 9 point 220 pound beauty the third week and Don tagged a 12 point 188 pounder Thursday of muzzelloader season. This buck scored 144 1/8th and was the 12 best Maine buck recorded with a muzzle loader. Collectively we saw 7 shootable buck. Best part of the year was the meals Louise put together and the commaderie (tales, lies, laughs) we had over home style prepared and served meals. Everyone had a great time, met some great folks and all hunted safely.


2011 deer season has come to an end. We had 12 hunters this year and we collectively saw 10 buck including the one pictured above (8 point, 217 pound last day of muzzelloader). We had pretty bad weather and I don’t believe the rut was as heavy and active as in previous years. I think every hunter saw deer. Some were passed up because it was just Monday! others were looking for bigger racks or heavier buck. Everyone had a great time and anxious to come back next year. The mild weather and very little snow will help the deer herd continue to grow.
Check out our photo gallery for some of our deer pictures