Aroostook County, Maine Bear Hunts

It’s not too late to book your professionally guided bear-over-bait hunt for 2015.


2015 bear season OVER 94%  OPPORTUNITY   FOR THE YEAR! We had 17 hunters and 16 reported they had a shootable bear in their scope but 1) either elected not to shoot waiting for a bigger, 2) shot and missed the target, 3) Shot and ended up with a bad shot.  Total bear sightings were over 30.  Tagged bear size ranged from 318 pounds to 80 pounds.  Our entire time is spent working with our hunters. We are committed to bear hunting starting around July 15 – setting up stands, trimming out shooting lanes, meetings and discussions with the land owners where our hunts take place.  Then the first of August we start baiting our sites with 5 gallons of our bait every day (baiting every other day our 50 sites – 25 sites a day). We don’t have any time to post fancy pictures of bear, bear hunters or action video.  We just don’t have the time.  We will eventually get some pictures posted to this web site but for now it’s all about our guests and their hunts.  Not too early to book your 2016 hunt.  Check out our Facebook page for continuous photo up dates.

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We limit our bear hunters to guarantee each one has a fresh bear site to ensure plenty of bear sightings.  We start baiting the sites the first of August to ensure active sites and continue to bait the site every day until the bear is harvested.  Bear are plentiful but very smart, sometimes referred to as the black ghost.  All our stands are new (within the last 2-5 years) ladder stands.  We recommend you bring your own tree harness and favorite cushion.  Comfort is a must to enable you to sit without movement for several hours. Our sites are spread over 20 square miles with most on North Maine Woods, LLC controlled area.  We also have a bunch on private farm land bordering New Brunswick.  Historically we have over 85% opportunity rate.  That is, at least 85% of our bear hunters see shootable bear during their 5 day hunt.  Some elect not to shoot looking for something bigger and we actually have hunters that shoot and miss from 30 yards.  Our favorite weapon for bear over bait is a 12 or 20 gauge shot gun with a slug.  We never lost a bear hit with this gun.  Call us for details and discussion


Picture above "Don and Bear Whisper team Mark and successful hunter Ted"

Peter Lima from Virginia and his first bear.  Peter  took the guides recommendations to heart and bagged this big boy on the 4th day at the same stand.  Trail cameras proved bear were hitting this site and patience was all that was needed.

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